The Way Out by Betsy Naumchik

The Way Out by Betsy Naumchik

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12x12 Framed

Betsy Naumchik is a life-long resident of southern New Jersey. She resides in Galloway, NJ where she has her studio and teaches.

“When I find a feather, I feel it, I spin it around, wonder at it and I say to myself...

How would I paint that and what story does it have? I observe nature and everything in it. I give myself permission to experience the fragility and strength, the tensions and the drama nature allows me to participate in.  I am so grateful that she does. I collect visual information. All that unique info I take to my studio, think about it, create a narrative around it then paint it.  

My painting style is realistic to a point. I am a storyteller. To me, it's not just an image of a creature, it's an image of a creature with a story and… how do I paint that?”

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