Le Monde Sans Soleil by David Macomber

Le Monde Sans Soleil by David Macomber

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30" x 40"

David Macomber was born at the peak of summer, by the beaches of New Jersey. Coming from a commercial fishing family, he understands firsthand that all life revolves around the power of the sea. This knowledge and experience naturally bleeds into his daily creative process.

Using the ocean as a metaphor, street art techniques and over a decade of graphic design experience, he paints stories of Hope. The characters in these tales are a gritty mix of hesitant water creatures, obedient whales and thunderous waves. In this most recent series, David has been leaning more towards figurative works while studying deep sea innovators and explorers of the early 20th century.

Through these paintings, he hopes the viewer will contemplate their life’s story within the larger narrative of history.

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